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2022 SV Cruz-Ins volunteers banner.png

Volunteers Needed
You will officially be called:
The Cruz-Ins Captains!

In order to keep the Saturday Cruz-Ins going,
we need YOU!

Are you willing to help out a few times (or more) this summer?

Here's what a Cruz-Ins Captain does:
*Arrive around 30 minutes before the Cruz-Ins begin
*Call Security to get the cart with event supplies
*Direct cars to parking as needed
*Each attendee has to sign the waiver only once each season - have them sign the waiver and hand them a 2023
 dash card
(the displayed dash card is how you know if they've signed the waiver already or not)
*Collect the food bank donations in the provided cart
*Keep in touch with Cynthia, the marketing manager for Sunrise Village, on how things are going and share any issues, ideas, etc
*HAVE FUN! Bring your own car and participate as you wish

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Thank you!

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YOU as a Cruz-Ins Captain!

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