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Let's have some VIRTUAL fun
May 1 - 10
Hop on by our Facebook to follow along - fun for all ages!
How it works:
*Download the list of our businesses
EXCEL: here PDF: here
*Every day keep an eye on our Sunrise Village Facebook posts
*When you see a flower in a picture of one of our businesses,
write on the list you downloaded:
1. The date
2. Which flower (color/type)
was in the post 
*When you're all done, click here:
to send your completed list by Wednesday, May 13th.
*Entries with the correct answers on the list will be randomly picked
to win prizes like Menchie's gift certificates
Click here for the Facebook event & please share!
P.S. The photos were taken safely - social distancing and all that good stuff

These are the flowers you'll see in the photos:

pink tulip, purple (and white) daisies, yellow gerber daisy, fuschia, pink rhody

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