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Shell construction is targeted to be substantially complete middle of February.

BB’s Teriyaki & Habit Burger will likely be open for business by June, perhaps sooner.

Click here for a peek at the progress. These photos were taken on 1.19.2022

Also p.s. the new Trapper's location is now confirmed to open for real on Thursday, January 27th (soft opening - by invitation only - on the 25th and 26th). 


We have the second lease signed on the new building!

We are super excited to announce that Habit Burger

is our newest signed business.

Come back and check this page - when the third lease is signed

we will be sure to share. AND there are other leases on the horizon

to fill existing spaces at Sunrise Village. Good things ahead!



MOD Pizza is closed for the next few months while they remodel and expand! 

We will miss them while they're closed

but can't wait to see their bigger, better space...

MIX Poke and Sip + Spoon (located next to Waxing the City) will have their soft opening very soon! Keep an eye out...

By now you've probably heard that Trapper's is moving into the RAM space so they will be bigger! More room for awesome sushi... The transition will happen soon


Not a lot to update on...

Nothing new (yet!) on the leasing front (but stay tuned!!). 

Concrete footings and slab will be finished next week.  Most of the site work inspections have or will have been completed next week too!

Currently holding to the schedule to be completed in January 2022.


We are excited to announce the first tenant

moving into the new building in spring 2022!

BB's Teriyaki Grill

has signed a lease and we can't wait - check out their website

Also did you see this? It's not inside the new construction

(they will be located next to Waxing the City) but it's still super exciting also!


The fencing went up in July and we broke ground in August!

The construction has begun on a new building

which will be the home to three new businesses at Sunrise Village.


Be sure to come back and visit this page often as we add updates

about the construction, as leases are signed and all that good stuff!